Warranty Terms for Switch Power Supply of Led Lit,Cree Led and Mean Well Switching power supply
  • Any defect that involves safety,or the structure of the letter will be covered for 3 years.Any defect involving the appearance of the letter will be covered for one year,as well as defects to the electrical system,including LEDs.CREE products carry their own warranty.
  • We provide this warranty only for products that are installed according to our correct installation procedure.If the product is designed for indoor use,only install them indoors.If they are installed in any environment or on any surface that is not appropriate,the warranty will not apply.So please read and make sure you understand the instruction manual.
  • If there is accidental breakage from installation,or if the product is removed even once after being installed,it will not be covered under our warranty.
  • We do not provide coverage for accidental or intentional damage,including vandalism,improper maintenance,or damage by chemicals.
  • Natural disasters,such as fire,volcanoes,typhoons,acid rain,etc. will not be covered.
  • We will not provide a warranty for products that are improperly designed.If there is a safety or design issue,we will inform you that a change must be made.If it is not,we will not provide a warranty.
  • For maintenance,you must provide the invoice of the product and a picture that clearly shows the defect.In some cases,we require that you send us the defected product.
  • Warranty Terms other than those written above are per product and operational manual.
  • Tarnishing of Brass and Copper,if used outdoors,will not be covered under our warranty.
  • Do not directly connect the letters to the AC Mains.
  • For all wiring and installation,you must follow the instructions in the installation manual.
  • Pulling the wire from the letter might damage the wire and sign.Please be very careful with the wiring and installation.The operating temperature of the letters must be between -20˘J and 60˘J.
  • It cannot operate in high temperature or humid places(saunas,bathrooms etc.).
  • The output voltage of the AC-DC power supply is already adjusted to the correct and optimum voltage.Therefore,do not touch the output volume pot.Changing this setting may cause the sign to malfunction.Cases like this will also not be covered under our warranty.
  • Install the AC-DC Power Supply where maintenance can easily be performed.When installing or performing maintenance on electrical equipment,you must follow all local laws,regulations and safety procedures.
  • In normal operation the power supply may get warm.Please install the power supply in a well ventilated place to prevent a build up of heat and prevent any risk of fire.Install it out of direct sunlight and away from other heat sources such as heaters.
  • There are no user serviceable parts in the power supply.Do not attempt to open or disassemble the power supply unit as it may bring risk of fire or personal injuries.
  • the warranty period might be shorter depending on the installation environment.Please contact us for details.
  • The DC Power Supply Unit is damp rated.If used outdoors,please place it inside a water proof enclosure.
  • If you use another manufacturerˇ¦s Switching Mode Power Supply and accessories,they may cause the product to malfunction.Such cases will also not be covered under warranty.
  • In order to use the warranty,we require that you return the defective product.
  • Mean Well Company products carry their own warranty.

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